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This site is not-for-profit and is purely for the enjoyment and education of all.

Please, come back often, you can use the bookmark link at the top of the page, because right now I am still putting everything together and hopefully I will have everything up and running very soon.

Tuesday, March 12

I must apologize if any of you came here, and the page was acting funny or failed to load. It seems Bravenet, the people that provided most of the sevices for this site, such as guestbook, msg. boards and so forth, had a security breech, and shut everything down. This caused the page not to load, and some of the features not to work. I was hopeing it wouldn't take them long to fix everything, but it seems they just aren't on the ball, so I am removing their crap from the site, and replacing it with new stuff.

If anyone tried to sign the guestbook or forum, and it failed, please try again. Everything should be working now, except the chat, and I am working on that!

If this site is actually helping anyone, please use it, and e-mail me. I have been trying to get people here, but my efforts seem to be wasted. Drop me a line, and tell me what you think!
Tuesday, Feb. 26

Well, I finally opened up a can, and got this thing up...Yeah, I know it's a bit shaky right now, but I'm getting it all lined out. Sign the guestbook, and come back often. I am in the process of putting up quite a few features, I know some of them aren't the best, but it's all I can do for now. Enjoy! ;-]


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